A Mildly Important Videogum Announcement

Guys, if I could have your attention please. Sad News Bears, I’m sure, but this will be my last week at Videogum. I’ll write an actual goodbye post on Friday, as one does, and please know that this was my own decision and not an easy one but so save your tears for someone who deserves it. There are people dying out on these streets! But obviously, this is a big deal, at least for me. And I didn’t want to wait until the very last minute and just drop it on your heads like some proverbial microphone before I e-stormed off the iStage. You deserve better than that. You deserve everything. Anyway, if this IS our last week together, and it is, I just told you that it was, at least here, then let’s make it a fun one, right? Let’s really blow the roof off of this week. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT A FAMILY DOES! #factsonly