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I’m not sure what it is about this time of year, but the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August are always surprisingly stressful even though they’re supposed to be the most chill. At least in my experience. Somehow you start worrying that the summer is almost over, as if that’s even a thing that matters. Like, we are adults now? Most of us? Some of us? I haven’t looked at the data of how many 12-year-old-girls read this site but I think it used to be 70% and now it’s more like 50% so at least half of us are adults, and for adults it doesn’t matter that summer is almost over. You have to work at your job all year round. And you have finally come to grips with the way in which the cycle only seems to speed up, so you are perfectly aware that next summer will actually be here sooner than you’d think and probably sooner than you’d even like. Sometimes you just wish Clockstoppers was real, you know?! It’s funny, though, because we are for sure right in the thick of summer. There’s plenty of summer left. So what is this feeling? It’s like being sad on Christmas morning because you’re Jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas the moment you’ve opened your first gift you know it’s already basically over. Hang in there, guys. It’s summer for heaven’s sake!

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 0h sweet nothin | Jul 25th Score:25
I’m not sure if this is the appropriate thread to post this, but I gotta vent somewhere. Between the Paula Deen shit, the Trayvon Martin shit, the Voting Rights Act decision shit and some shit I’m sure I’m overlooking at this moment…it’s been an incredibly frustrating year to be a black person. Not solely because of the incidents themselves (because after 30 years of black life, you’re basically like “thems the breaks!” at some point to preserve your own sanity), but because of the lengths the media and people are willing to go to rationalize all of this as NOT being racist.

It was a one time incident. She can’t help how she was raised. We don’t know what that boy was doing. Wouldn’t you follow a stranger in your community? We’re not perfect, but we’ve come far enough along to drop protections against racial discrimination at the polls. For true racial equality, we’ve got to stop REVERSE racism and “racial entitlements”.

All of these statements are somehow seen as less crazy than simply he/she/them/we is/are still fucking racist. And that blows my mind and really depresses me sometimes. And I know I’m not alone. I tend to hang out with “artsier” black friends…the kind that are often in places that have lots of white people…and I would describe our recent mood as confused and angry. We just don’t get how there’s such a strong sentiment to willfully set race relations back another ___ years.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I guess it’s a roundabout way of saying thanks Gabe for not letting shit like this slide and calling it exactly what it is. And I guess to point out that this shit matters and we shouldn’t be downplaying the negative impact it’s having on the psyche of black people in this country.

K, done. Apologies for the rant.

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#4 catweazle | Jul 24th Score:27
Bruce Chillis he is not.
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Eli Sheldon | Jul 22nd Score:30
The Man in the Iron Man Mask
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#1 truckasaurus | Jul 25th Score:34
I think Gabe’s calling her a terrible person. Calling her racist isn’t that hard.
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This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 Bubbles | Jul 22nd Score:-4
Do you think she’d be anything more than a minor character? She has an invisible jet (where she is totally visible!) and a lasso. These do not an interesting character make, male or female. The problem is less Wonder Woman and more that comic writers rarely create strong female superheros/villains.

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: I absolutely don’t know anything, but that seems fair enough!]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Jack Deth | Jul 23rd Score:22
I guess you could say they have….. chemistry.
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This Week’s Associate Editor’s Choice

  Frank Lloyd Wrong | Jul 23rd Score:15

You taste like a Heisenberger. I don’t like you anymore.

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[Assoc. Ed. Note: This was good.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

ashleigh | Jul 25th Score:3
this is cool and whatnot, but i have a question for the new york gummers, are you going to vote for carlos danger? is he a viable candidate? i feel like he would fer sure get elected in my city, but i guess i assumed that east coast folks had more sense…
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[Ed. Note: I am Gabe Delahaye and I approve this comment. LOL! Get it? I just really like how this comment was posted in the thread about John Travolta’s Brazilian cachaca advertisement. Guys, Ashleigh likes to have fun as much as the rest of us, but there are important things happening in the world that are worth our time and attention, so let’s have a real discussion for once, please? Thank you!]