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In retrospect, it’s kind of funny how overwhelmingly popular Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” was. Oh, it’s a good song! I’m not saying it’s a not a good song. And it makes sense why it became popular because in addition to being good, it also had a motivational anthem that people enjoy listening to at the gym or while they are driving their car to an important meeting at the grocery store. But that’s sort of what I mean: the song is about a struggling rapper who gets one shot, one opportunity to become a huge success. It’s not actually that relatable. You do have to be open to the vicissitudes of life and be ready to seize your moments as they come, but most people aren’t actually waiting for that one audition or that one breakthrough moment that will literally turn one’s life on its head. It’s ultimately more about the accumulation of minor successes over a long period of time that slowly coalesce into a life worth living. That being said, Joanna Rohrback, creator of Prancercise, recognizes that this is her chance to blow mom’s spaghetti hippity hoo blah!

I heard this was how Hugh Jackman got in shape for The Wolverine just kidding.