Make Your Voice Heard In This Important Legend Of Zelda Debate

While you might currently be on your lunch break, using the few minutes you get to yourself in your day to turn your mind off and practice what you like to think of as meditation but is really more just zoning out and wishing for dinnertime, I want to urge you to use this time to participate in an important and polarizing debate about the game franchise The Legend of Zelda and whether or not it is one of the best game franchises. Make your voice heard! Is it one of the best? Would you put it above other franchises, like the Sonic franchise or the Pokemon franchise, or does it not even matter whether or not it is “above” these franchises because the fact is that it exists among them at the top and anyone who thinks otherwise is a frikken idiot? It is just a game about karate elves and sometimes musical instruments, which, like, who even cares about? Please listen to both sides of the argument carefully and cast your vote!

Both sides make a lot of good points. I never said this would be an easy choice. Please cast your vote.

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THANK YOU FOR VOTING. (PS: My favorite part comes in at about 2:15. It’s hard when someone stumps you!) (I LOVE THIS DEBATE!) (Via Kotaku.)