Why Does The Dome Want To Be Kept A Secret?!

Everyone got meningitis for a sec. on Under the Dome last night and were cured almost instantly with one dose each of antibiotics, haha, but the REAL scoop came when the two young lovers held hands and induced a seizure in order to capture it on video. PLZ DO NOT READ ON IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE OF UNDER THE DOME! After the two sweethearts held hands and collapsed to the ground, the video showed the boy love sitting up and, in what was legitimately almost a scary moment, holding his seizure-shakey hand to his lips, as if to say “shhhhh.” He confirmed with the girl (do they have names?) (no, right?) (just kidding, I KNOW THEY MUST) that he did not remember doing that, and when she asked what he thought it meant he replied, “I think it means they want us to keep it a secret,” or something. Keep what a secret? The seizures everyone already knows you’re having?! Or, what? WHY DOES THE DOME WANT TO BE KEPT A SECRET?! Some theories:

  • The dome cares a lot about the 2 kids and the relationship it shares with them, but the dome doesn’t think it’s ready to make the relationship “public” yet, if that makes sense to the kids.
  • The dome has a lot of crazy stuff in its past that the kids just don’t know about — they probably wouldn’t even believe it if they heard about it, but if they do hear about it the dome wants them to hear it from the dome. So that’s why this can’t get out just yet — there’d be too much talk.
  • The dome is a surprise party, actually, for the police woman. It’s to congratulate her on doing such a great job.
  • The dome is ghosts.
  • The dome is from God and Under the Dome is actually about the second coming of Christ. She goofed a bit when She let those kids have seizures but whatever, it’s mostly fine, they just need to be quiet about it.
  • The dome is aliens, I guess?
  • The dome is controlled by Barack Obama and the boy’s name is Edward Snowden and he was communicating with Barack Obama.
  • The dome is just working on some new material right now, and this is its livelihood, so.
  • The dome was actually hoping the kids would show the video to the journalist because, jesus christ, the dome is sick of the journalist. THE DOME GETS IT, YOU USED TO WORK AT A PAPER OR WHATEVER.
  • The dome is just very private.

Or did you have any other theories? What was the dome trying to tell the kids?! Especially considering that they don’t seem to have any information that everyone else doesn’t already have, especially concerning their own CRUSHES ON EACH OTHER?!!?