Sharknado Open Thread

Last night, one of the year’s most important television events occurred. Did you miss it? Uh oh, DID YOU?! I for sure missed it. What? I’m not embarrassed to admit that I did not watch Sharknado on SyFy. Sharknado’s tagline is: “ENOUGH SAID!”) Some of us, and it could have been any of us, and I don’t think it does you OR me any good to start pointing fingers because there but for the grace of God, amen, but some of us were probably out in the world last night, living our lives, seeking and finding human interaction after a day spent alone indoors! Should such a person be faulted for choosing the company of one’s friends in a social setting over a solitary viewing of a basic cable made-for-TV movie that is, long before you even turn on the set, clearly a joke? I will leave that to the people blogging in glass blogs to decide. I’ll watch it eventually, though. It sounds pretty important! NPR is writing about it, so your mom is probably watching Sharknado right now so that she finally has something to talk to you about when you call on Sunday. Mia Farrow and Philip Roth watched it together and live-tweeted the whole thing except that’s not true they didn’t but that would have been amazing. Variety is reporting that while it may have seemed like everyone was Tweeting about Sharknado, that is not actually true, so that is a whole news story, how you might have thought lots of people were Tweeting but not as many people as you thought are Tweeting. They have news reporters write that up now. Like I said, it was a big deal. And you missed it. Or did you?! No, you did. Or did you?!