Creating Some More Winona Ryder Rumors

Oh, it has been too long since we’ve had some #good #gossip to chat about. Where is everyone? Where are all the celebs, creating gossip for us to chat about? On vacation somewhere beautiful, living the kind of lives that we will only ever dream about? Yachting around with all of their friends? Having lunch at a nice restaurant? LUNCH?! Can you imagine?! Ugh. Thank god for Winona Ryder, and thank god for these crazy stupid rumors about her. From The Enquirer:

Winona Ryder is getting weirder by the day, becoming a virtual recluse and taking potshots at her former friends.

Insiders say she’s dyed her hair bright white and become obsessed with online shopping, filling her closets with unworn clothes that still have their tags. And just about the only time she leaves her home is when her cleaning staff arrives, because she can’t stand talking to them.

Winona has also been trash-talking her ex-BFF Gwyneth Paltrow and former flame Johnny Depp, a source tells The ENQUIRER.

“She’s alienating so many people it’s no wonder she’s turning into a hermit,” said a longtime friend of the 41-year-old actress.

Well, obviously she is trash-talking her ex-BFF Gwyneth Paltrow and former flame Johnny Depp. Everyone trash-talks everyone? If you were to tell me that someone wasn’t trash-talking all of her friends THEN we might have something to talk about, 80% of all talk is trash, #factsonly, but as for the rest of it: THAT IS SOME VERY GOOD GOSSIP! Who are these insiders and when can we give them a kiss? I don’t want to act like just anyone can be an insider, because I have a lot of respect for them, but I do have the scoop on some more SHOCKING Winona Ryder rumors after the jump.

  • Winona Ryder can’t stop buying dogs — she buys a dog, hires someone to take care of them 24/7, and buys both the dog and the caretaker an apartment. She doesn’t even like dogs!
  • Winona Ryder only wears purple clothes. Her reason? “Purple keeps me demons inside.” What does that even mean?! Why did she say it wrong?!
  • Winona Ryder hates coffee but brews a pot every morning and lets it burn.
  • Winona Ryder got halfway through season one of Sherlock and turned it off. She barely remembers what happened in the episodes she saw. Insiders quote her as saying, “If it’s anything like Luther, I’m going to hate it.”
  • Winona Ryder has tattoos all over her face. She doesn’t even know what they are tattoos of — she ordered her maids to cover up all of the mirrors in her home. “I want to be surprised later,” she said.
  • Jack Handey is Winona Ryder’s nom de plume.
  • Winona Ryder doesn’t particularly like music, but she loves “Blurred Lines.” She says that calling it the song of the summer does it a lot of injustice — she thinks it’s better than that.

DO YOU KNOW ANY RUMORS ABOUT WINONA RYDER? What a fun game! #hollywoodgamenight