This David Hasselhoff Advertisement For Iced Coffee Is Nuts

If an iced coffee at Cumberland Farms costs 99 cents (in any size, as if that even makes sense. “Oh, just your smallest size for the same price, please,” said no one in America ever) how many of them are they going to have to sell to recoup the investment they made in this ad? I know that David Hasselhoff was only working to take home whatever was left over at Craft Services at the end of the day, but they still had to get a green screen and a prop surfboard. Not to mention that swooping helicopter shot of the cliff at the beginning, unless that is just b-roll from The Italian Job and they CGI’ed a cup of coffee into the shot. We’re talking of upwards of 50 iced coffees that Cumberland Farms is going to sell, which might not sound like much, except NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN TO A CUMBERLAND FARMS. So, you do the math.