Vin Diesel On Stilts Eating Spaghetti

Photographer: Alright, Vin, let me get a shot of you eating spaghetti while you’re on stilts.
Vin Diesel: Of course.
Photographer: Get in there, Harvey.
Harvey: OK.
Photographer: You guys ready?
Vin Diesel: Ready.
Harvey: Ready.
Photographer: OK! Hmmmmm…
Harvey: You got, the lens cap is on.
Photographer: Oh shoot. Haha. Thanks Harvey. Sorry, Vin.
Vin Diesel: No problem.
Photographer: 3…2…Cheese!
Vin Diesel: Haha. You got me.
Photographer: Your eyes are closed.
Vin Diesel: Whoops, my bad.
Photographer: OK, ready?
Vin Diesel: Ready.
Photographer: You look great, by the way.
Vin Diesel: Thanks.
Photographer: Very strong.
Vin Diesel: Thank you.
Photographer: Healthy.
Vin Diesel: Thank you.
Photographer: Handsome.
Vin Diesel: OK.
Photographer: I think we got it.
Vin Diesel: Did you get it?
Photographer: Yup, got it.
Vin Diesel: Great.
Photographer: Thanks for your patience, Vin. My mom is going to love this photo of you on stilts eating spaghetti.

(Image via LindseyWeber.)