DO NOT WATCH: Entomologist Finds Nest With An Insane Amount Of Wasps

Warning: Do not watch this video of a Florida entomologist/bee enemy detailing his defeat of a “jurassic nest” — a wasp nest with millions, actual millions, of the tiny wasp devils inside. It is a nightmare. Alternatives to watching the following video include: Asking someone around you how their morning is going; closing your eyes for a moment and remembering something nice; taking a break to make yourself some more coffee; grabbing a glass of water, drinking it, and then filling it up again before returning to wherever you were; imagining a world without insects; imagining what it would be like if you were to come across a “jurassic nest” on a walk through the woods–AHHHHHH!!!!!!!; remembering that scene in The Hunger Gamesahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh; watching the video; having the video seer the sound of the millions of wasps hitting the camera into your brain forever or at least for the rest of today, let’s not be too dramatic; imagining what it would have been like for this guy if he had a hole in his bee helmet or something, like what if bees got in there?!; oh my goodness; whyyyyyyyy??