Weatherwoman Reacts Appropriately To Massive Spider, Is Mocked

Imagine this: You’ve arrived for a day of work at your job. Pretty normal so far, right? Well keep reading!!! You stop by your desk, drop off your bag, and then head to the break room for a cup of coffee. Sharon’s in there and you pause for a moment weighing having to deal with the small talk versus having to go for a bit without coffee. The decision is made for you when Sharon spots you and asks you about your weekend. Ugh, Sharon!!! It was just a normal weekend!!!!! You ask her about her weekend and, no doy, she has a huge story to tell about, man, I don’t even know what. Who cares, Sharon! Shut up! Sharon finally shuts up and allows you to get your coffee in peace. Still pretty normal, right? Again, you just have to keep reading! Ok so you go back to your desk and boot up your computer. You remember your password with ease, but know you only have two days before you have to change it again. Argh!!! You do a bit of work, filling in spreadsheets, answering emails, etc., and then you send something to the printer. You push out your chair, turn around, and ABOVE YOUR HEAD YOU SEE A MASSIVE SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! You scream and run away. Your coworkers sit at their desks, laughing. “It’s not real,” they say. Ugh. AREN’T YOUR COWORKERS THE WORST?! The End.

How about we put a surprise giant spider over these guys’ heads and see how they like it, huh? HOW ABOUT WE DO THAT?! (Via LaughingSquid.)