The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Do you have, like, eighty thousand dollars or something and want to throw it away spend it lovingly on some stupid pet vacation for your dog that you don’t even get to go on WITH your dog? You can do that now! Ugggh, your dog is going to be so grateful! “Thank you. I understand the sacrifice you made in order to send me on this dog vacation, I appreciate the replica of our house that the hotel made for me to stay in so I don’t get homesick, and I love you even more than I did when you dropped me off. I will never forget this trip. You have been a wonderful caretaker to me and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my years with you.” That’s what your dog is going to say when he or she gets back. “I had a wonderful trip. I’m sure you saw the photos I Instagrammed, but would you want to look at a few more? I especially enjoyed the surfing lesson.” Do it! Do it now! Send your dog on vacation, why haven’t you done it yet?! First watch the videos and then send him.

10. Pretty Good Goat Sneeze

9. Sleepy Fox

8. Otter Morse Code

7. Duck Sneak Attack

6. Stressed Out Monkey Needs A Juice

5.Kitten Ear Wiggles

4. Pug Chases After Racehorses

3. Koala Makes Herself At Home

2. Ice Cream Monkey

1. Jaz Cannot Wake Up