Enjoying The Simple Things In Life

Seeing rows of not-yet-bloomed peonies outside of your local supermarket. A colorful sunset. Those kind of clouds that look extra nice. When someone you like is the guest on a podcast you don’t hate. Coffee ice cubes used in iced coffee. When interacting with the Time Warner robot actually works. The feeling of cold air coming through the window while you take a hot shower. Seeing your roommate walking towards the subway while you’re walking towards the apartment. The brief scent of laundry when walking by a laundromat. When you wakeup and don’t feel like sleep garbage. Successfully dodging an acquaintance. Changing from pants to shorts when it’s hot outside. When you’ve finally convinced yourself that it’s ok to buy a bouquet of peonies even though they’re expensive, because their season is short and it’s not like you can do this all the time and they’re so beautiful. Snapping rubber bands on the cabinet knob.

“Humans. I’ll never understand them and their simple pleasures.” – An alien. (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew!)