Morning Meditation: Anthony Howe’s “About Face”

Let go of all concerns, let go of all anxieties about your Tuesday schedule. Inhale deeply, unclench your fists if you have them clenched, not judging, and exhale. Imagine you’ve awoken in warm and peaceful wooded area. You are alone and comfortable in your solitude. Are there bugs around you? No, there are not. You stand, stretch, and see in the distance something that looks like a face or a possibly a scary mask. Uh oh. Now you’re a little less comfortable in your solitude. You hesitate for a moment and decide to walk towards it. The grass feels slightly damp under your bare feet, the wind is cool on your skin. You feel deeply connected to your surroundings. Oh shit. Is it moving? The face or scary mask stands many feet taller than your person and you can’t stop yourself from getting closer and closer, as if drawn by something both inside and outside of yourself. What the fuck is this thing?! You feel the blood draining from your head. Before your eyes turn to black you — still, standing — see the face or scary mask coming closer to you. Oh no. Namaste. (Via Neatorama.)