Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Let’s all go see Man of Steel this weekend and then come back here and talk about it Monday!
  • Adam Sandler is going to star in the remake of a Korean comedy in which a man fails to kill himself and then begins to be haunted by a few ghosts called Hello Ghost. Why isn’t it called Hello, Ghost? I don’t know! You can’t click to find out because no one will say! -FilmDrunk
  • HOT THEME PARK RUMOR: Star Wars Land may be coming to Disney in 2018. Don’t think about how old you’ll be by the time it’s there, I promise it will only make you feel weird and bad!! -/Film
  • Linsday Lohan still needs the novenas your grandmother is doing for her. -Dlisted
  • Gene Wilder thinks Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  is an “insult.” He’s correct! That movie, what a mess! -AVClub
  • Benedict Cumberbatch drew a picture of himself for charity. Want to see it? It’s good but it is nowhere near as good as the picture Bono drew of himself. You should at least look at that one. Seriously. Oh my god, Bono.  -Express