Where Did Superman’s Underpants Go?!

Superman fans around the globe are on the edges of their seats awaiting the release of the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. They can’t wait for any of it! They can’t wait for the fighting, the flying, the black hair, the steely gaze — all of it! They can’t wait for the chin dimple, the kryptonite, the “S” on the Superman suit, the red cape, the underpan– WAIT, WHUUUUUUUUUUT? WHERE ARE THE UNDERPANTS?! From The Atlantic:

Snyder and other members of the Man of Steel team explain this peculiarity in an extended featurette (one that builds on the discussion, centering on how “real” the film is, from last week). Just like everything else in this movie apparently, the suit cannot be left up to fantasy. Snyder’s co-producer and wife Deborah says that it was important to her husband for the suit “to make sense.” So Superman’s new suit—sans the loincloths of Kal-Els past—is a “commonplace” get-up on Superman’s home planet of Krypton.

Sure, Snyder looked at a bunch of versions of the suit with underwear, but he just couldn’t make it work. As for the briefs, well, they were just too old fashioned, being a “leftover from Victorian-era strongmen.” No, this Superman suit is all too modern.

“On Krypton underpants don’t exist.” Is that what he’s saying? “On Krypton nobody wears underpants on the outside of their clothes and nobody wears underpants underneath their clothes either because the whole planet hates underpants so they outlawed them probably like 100 lightyears ago. Wearing underpants on Krypton is like LITERALLY their kryptonite.” That’s me explaining why Superman doesn’t have any underpants to a friend later. “I read it on a blog, seriously.” Why can’t he have his underpants?! GIVE SUPERMAN HIS UNDERPANTS, HE NEEDS THEM FOR SAFETY! KICKSTARTER 4 UNDERPANTS!