The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Apparently yesterday was “National Hug Your Cat Day.” “Uhh, thanks for telling us now!” you’re probably saying. “Good going, Kelly. Telling us that it was National Hug Your Cat day on THEY DAY AFTER National Hug Your Cat Day. Thanks a lot. Soooo useful. I’m sooooo grateful.” God, you are a real pill. Well guess what, jerk? First of all, yesterday wasn’t Petting Zoo day, and second of all, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT DAY IS NATIONAL HUG YOUR CAT DAY! You can and, I hope, do hug your cat every single god damn day of the year. What, are you going to hug your cat MORE on “National Hug Your Cat” day? Because you think that’s something your cat is going to like? More like, “National My Cat Is Going To Scratch Me, Jump Out Of My Arms, And Run Away, Because Cats Stink Day.” “Dogs Rule, Cats Drool Day,” more like. If it were National Hug Your Dog Day — well, now, THAT’S the kind of day I’m talkin’ about! That would be a pretty beneficial day for everyone involved! Nobody making an angry noise and hiding behind the bookshelf or whatever on that day. Now, what are we doing? Oh yeah! Animal videos! WE HAVE SO MANY GOOD ONES TODAY, LET’S GET TO THEM!

q0. Baby Gorilla Swinging From Vine

9. Quokka Loves Camera

8. Polo Laughing

7. Adorable Baby Monkey, Oh My God

6. Cat Makes Normal Sounds, JK

5. Cat Boarding

4. Cute Young Seal

3. Dog’s Bark Sounds Like A Person Yelling

2. Gibbon Walks the Tightrope

1. Baby Goat On A Trampoline

“Baby Goat On A Trampoline” takes the number one spot because it’s in the Videogum Rulebook that any animal-on-a-trampoline related video gets the number one spot in Petting Zoo. Them’s the breaks. As for the other videos: SELF EXPLANATORY! They’re all so good! Congratulations to all of them and, most of all, congratulations to us. What a day.