Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Photographer Andrew Brucker has published a book of early head shots he took of currently famous humans and you can see 16 of them over at Vulture. I’d recommend looking! They’re nice! -Vulture
  • Richard Linklater spoke recently about the girl who inspired his Before series and the story is so nuts that I told a friend about it last night and he straight up refused to believe it was true. I believe it, though! -Slate
  • A woman won A MILLION DOLLARS on Wheel of Fortune yesterday. Whaaaaaat! WHAAAAAAT! -HyperVocal
  • Steven Soderbergh thinks the final episodes of Breaking Bad — and, in general, major episodes of TV series — should be shown in movie theaters. Do you think that? I’d go, I bet. -Uproxx
  • Oh speaking of movie theaters, they’d like trailers to be shorter. But then how will we know pretty much everything about the movie?! -AVClub