The Office Series Finale Drinking Game

Do you remember where you were when you watched the first episode of the first season of The Office? I remember. I was weary about it because I loved the BBC series, the people of Scranton — where I lived — were weary about it because of how they thought they would be portrayed, and I was at a high school friend’s house because I HADN’T EVEN LEFT FOR FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE YET! THAT’S HOW LONG THIS SHOW HAS BEEN ON! SINCE BEFORE A PERSONAL LIFE MILESTONE THAT IS MEANINGLESS TO YOU! But to give you a sense of how long it has been, I entered college at age 18 and I am currently 4,500 years old. Long time! Man, 2005. We were all so different back then. OUR PRESIDENT WAS GEORGE W. BUSH! Man oh man. Is anyone else’s mind blown by the changes their life has gone through since watching the first episode of The Office in their high school friend’s house back before they left for college? No? Just me? Does anyone still want to play (definitely do not play) a drinking game to say goodbye to our old friend tonight? Yes? Everyone? (No one.) GREAT! Drink every time:

  • You wonder if Michael Scott is going to show up.
  • Jim and Pam do something that lets you know they’re going to be just fine.
  • Andy is still there.
  • You wonder if Kelly Kapoor is going to show up.
  • Your eyes well up with tears and you are just so mad that The Office is making you cry.
  • You attempt to blink away the tears before anyone sees.
  • You wonder if Ryan Howard is going to show up.
  • You remember that the block of comedy on NBC Thursday nights that once held all of your favorite shows actually does not exist anymore.
  • You remember how old you are.
  • You remember what you thought you’d accomplish by the year 2013 back in the year 2005.
  • You see a character and you think, “Is this the last time I’m going to see this character?”
  • A character says goodbye and you know that it’s, like, FOR REAL goodbye.
  • Jim pranks Dwight.
  • A character knowingly looks at the camera.
  • You die, because you just CANNOT.

BE SAFE OUT THERE TONIGHT! Don’t play this game! And then let’s meet back here tomorrow and talk about the finale!