This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Goodbye, Community! We don’t know if you’ll be gone forever or just for now, but we do know that if you are gone forever, you ended on a note that wasn’t particularly good after a season that was generally an enjoyable mixed bag! Last night’s episode replayed the main elements of many of Community’s past favorites in a way that perhaps was meant to come off as a grand could-be-farewell-if-it-needs-to-be and instead came off as a lazy, safe (that is — put forth with the hope of being safe and able to at least please big fans of the show, though, and correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think it hit even that mark) rehashing of the same old laurels Community has been resting on for about two seasons at this point. There were funny moments, mostly involving Troy forgetting the soda (“must I bear this cross forever?!”), but mostly it felt like a bloodless end to what was once a fun, inventive show. (“We finally found a way to make paintball cool again!” NOOOOO!) Oh well. C’est la vie. The Office was sad. Are Pam and Jim really going to keep each other working in paper, a job neither of them cares about, in Scranton because they love each other too much to let the other one go for a few months? REMEMBER WHEN PAM COULD’VE FINISHED ART SCHOOL?!?! Also, why doesn’t Pam want to move to Philadelphia?! Why isn’t that even a thing they tried to talk about? THEY COULD LIVE IN THE SUBURBS! IT WOULD BE VERY NICE! NICER THAN SCRANTON, NO OFFENSE! THAT CITY IS BROKE! JIM AND PAM, COME OVER AND LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! Maybe they’ll move to the Philadelphia suburbs next week. Also, Jesus, when Jim was like, “[She thinks she’s] Not enough? I know it’s against the rules, but I need you guys to do me a favor,” me and the people I was watching with groaned loudly at the TV. UGGGGHHHHHHHH. Yuck. Also, the favor was to cut so many fucking hours of tape into a 2-minute segment showing these two dorks dorking it up together?! “What? I’m sorry, but ABSOLUTELY no way.” That’s what I would say if I were the editor on PBS’s The Office. I enjoyed the episode otherwise! That baby was so GD cute. Dwight and Angela getting together was nice, though it is kind of insane that Angela was never going to tell Dwight that the baby was his unless he asked her out. The hell, Angela? You could’ve been getting child support! Let’s take a jump and then briefly talk about how good other things were.

Unless my memory is incorrect, I think we forgot to talk about the premiere of Inside Amy Schumer last week. WHOOPS! THAT SHOW IS VERY GOOD, I’M SORRY I NEGLECTED TO TALK ABOUT IT! And this week’s episode, featuring our friend Gabe Liedman, was even better than the last. Check it out! It is smart and funny and even though the interstitial title card moments feature Kroll Show-style awful, loud dubstep, you will only want to turn down your TV rather than change the channel because that is how good the rest of the show is. Hahah. YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT, COMEDY CENTRAL! New Girl was great. Bob’s Burgers had one of my favorite episodes of the season, so funny and so genuinely sweet. Those two shows are my favorite shows currently on TV. The End. What did you think?