Mark Wahlberg Is One Of The Two Types Of Comedians, Says Mark Wahlberg

Are you excited for Pain and Gain next weekend? I am excited for Pain and Gain next weekend. I have not seen it, but here is a guess of how my movie review for Pain and Gain will go: “This movie is perfect.” In all the excitement, New York Magazine spent the day with Mark Wahlberg. That’s cool. He’s cool. Anyway, they talk to him about his career and stuff, and how he jumps between action roles and comedic roles, at which point Mark Wahlberg explained what is what:

“There are two kinds of comedians—the guys who do pratfalls and guys like me who try to make things as real as possible in crazy situations,” he says.

Yes. Correct. You might think there are more types of comedians, but ultimately there are just two: physical comedians and Mark Wahlberg-esque comedians. You didn’t know that? What podcasts do you listen to? Man oh man. Mark Wahlberg! A COMEDIAN’S COMEDIAN, I’M SURE. I like him in movies so much, where I think he is convincing as both an action hero and as a charming comedic foil, and we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude for developing and producing the hit series Entourage based on his life, see also: Wahlburgers, but when the cameras aren’t rolling and he just opens his mouth and says stuff about stuff THAT IS WHEN HE REALLY SHINES. Did he ever know that he’s my hero? Flyyyyyyyy!