What’s Wrong, Jamie Foxx?

Aw, Jamie. Why so blue? Hahahahaha. Ahhhhh. I’m sorry to make a joke at your expense right away when you’re so down in the dumps already, but I had to get it out. That’s not a great apology I realize, but now it’s out and I think we should just move on. So, what’s up? You’re in The Amazing Spider-Man, that’s pretty good! You just won, like, A TON of MTV Movie Awards. From where I’m sitting, it seems like you don’t have a whole lot to be mopey about! But then again, what do I know? Pretty much only the two things I just said. Life can be and is difficult for everyone, even MTV Movie Award “Generation” Award winners. In fact, it must be especially difficult when people know these details about your life, you must feel a lot of pressure to keep your “public face” at least somewhat happy at all times. Plus, I’m sure you want to keep personal things personal. But, like, do you not like your Electro makeup? It looks goooooooood! Please don’t feel self conscious about it! Too much of everyone’s time is wasted feeling self conscious about their appearance — it isn’t helpful in the least. I don’t want to tell you that you don’t have the right to feel what you’re feeling, but I do want to press that you look beautiful in your Electro makeup and that you shouldn’t worry. Is it that you’re upset that it’s blue and not green and yellow like how the character usually wears it? Ok, that I understand. It’s hard when life throws you a curveball like that, but, c’mon, you’ve definitely hit it out of the park! So keep your chin up, ok Jamie Foxx? I love you. Bye!