A Glee-Themed Public Marriage Proposal

Here is my dream television-inspired public marriage proposal: Aaron Paul picks me up from my apartment in a nice car. He’s wearing a suit, but the rest of him looks like it does on Breaking Bad. We encounter no traffic on the way to the Empire Hotel, where we have cocktails served by Chuck Bass himself. Afterwards we head to a replica of Luke’s Diner, from Gilmore Girls, and have dinner prepared be a fancy chef (not Luke). Melissa McCarthy, as Sookie, brings it to our table. At this point I’m thinking, “Uh-oh, what’s going on here?!” After dinner, we take a walk through a replica of the streets of Stars Hollow and then get on a private jet piloted by Bryan Cranston. “I didn’t even know Bryan Cranston had his pilot’s license,” I whisper to Aaron. “He doesn’t!” he says. “Just kidding!” he says immediately. “Hmm, that’s something we’ll have to work on,” I think. We land in Paris. “I’m going to take you somewhere you’ve always wanted to go,” Aaron says. Oh my god. Could it be? He continues, “…Central Perk.” NO. WAY. We ride a tandem bike to Central Perk. “I didn’t even know they had a Central Perk anywhere, let alone Paris,” I say. “They didn’t,” he says. Omg. Gunther is there and he asks what we’d like. “I’d love a coffe,” I say. “Great, I’ll have our new waitress bring it right over to you.” In a few minutes Rachel — THE RACHEL — comes out with a latte. Aaron notices this isn’t what I ordered and says, “I’ll go up and fix this.” He gets up immediately and I turn around to tell him that it’s totally fine and I like lattes too, and see that he is ON HIS KNEE ASKING ME TO MARRY HIM. Whaaaaat! I say yes. The End. This lady proposed to her girlfriend with a Glee thing, though.

(The actual proposal doesn’t come until about seven minutes into the video, FYI.) (It comes in during a Kermit the Frog themed part?) (Obviously I cannot knock LOTS of themes.) If you were on the other end of this marriage proposal, at what point do you think you’d realize that it was a marriage proposal and not just a weird thing your significant other was doing? Immediately? “Oh boy, they’re all wearing Warblers costumes? I SAY YES!” Normally we would have to rehash all of the things we don’t like about marriage proposals that are seemingly done 70% for YouTube, but it is a nice day out today and they cried at the end, which was sweet, and I’m sure they’re in love and, my god, it is SUCH A NICE DAY OUT IN NEW YORK CITY TODAY, so they get a pass. Go on, you two crazy Glee lovebirds. Go live your teenage dreams. (Via BuzzFeed.)