This Week In Comedy Open Thread

This week I was introduced to a show on Comedy Central that I had previously been overlooking due to how I associated it with some other shows that I had been overlooking on purpose, and oh boy I was so wrong and this show is so good! NATHAN FOR YOU!It’s on Comedy Central on Thursdays at 10:30EST or it’s on literally anytime day or late night when you watch every episode on demand all in a row because of how funny they are. Have you seen it? This is how Comedy Central describes it because what am I going to do, rephrase it?: “In this docu-reality comedy, Nathan Fielder uses his business degree and life experiences to help struggling companies with strategies that no traditional business consultant would dare to attempt,” blah blah blah, YOU SHOULD JUST WATCH IT! Last night Nathan helped a struggling haunted house and was the subject of a fake reality dating show. My favorite line was “Reign of Terror: Where Pussies Go To Relax.” I would give context for it, but you should just watch the clip instead. This post is sponsored by Comedy Central’s Nathan For You just kidding! LOL. I just like it. We have fun. While I watched it with some (2) friends, one of them was convinced that Nathan voiced Tina on Bob’s Burgers. When I contested that claim, knowing it is Dan Mintz who voices Tina on Bob’s Burgers, he went as far as to say, “I’VE SEEN HIM IN THE BOOTH!” Hahaha. What? What a lunatic. We IMDB’d it and he just could not believe it. Speaking of lunatics, Bob’s Burgers was good this week! The gang visited Linda’s parents at their sex retirement home. The episode kept the kids and the parents apart almost entirely, but my favorite moment happened when they were reunited at the end. The parents were attempting to explain and cover up the orgy noises the kids had heard the previous night, and Tina had the final line — “Yeah, and all the loud sex.” Or something? You know what I’m talking about! THAT WAS MY FAVORITE! TINAAAAA! New Girl was great this week. It’s slightly odd that a character’s deadbeat father was killed off in order to bring the character and his love interest closer together, but, ah, it was as well done as it could have been! Nick’s eulogy was touching. Bill Burr is always a welcomed presence. Nick Kroll obviously is as well. So is Margo Martindale. So is Zooey Deschanel’s physical comedy. So is when Schmidt pronounces buttons and so is the scene where Winston pretended to be dead. And when they all had helium voices when they learned Nick’s dad had died? Give me a break. A+. I think How I Met Your Mother had a big episode this week? Feel free to talk about that! I have never seen it, but I’m sure it’s enjoyable! Sooooo, WHAT DID YOU THINK?