How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

Helloooo nurses! PHEW! As you may have noticed, Gabe wasn’t here today. He’ll be back tomorrow, thank God, but I can’t believe he chose to miss out on the day James Franco’s book, A California Childhood, was released! ONE OF OUR MOST PRECIOUS DAYS! To be honest, though — because if we can’t be honest about things like this what can we be honest about — I had no idea that this book was happening until Mary shared with me this photo of it that James Franco scribbled on. It’s so hard to keep up with all of the things James Franco does! From the introduction, “The text and images come from all periods of my artistic life, but the subject matter all derives from my younger years. I’d like to make claim that this is fiction, but what isn’t nowadays?” Whoa! Whoa. From the Amazon page, “In A California Childhood he plays with the concept of memoir through personal snapshots, sketches, paintings, poems, and stories. ‘I was born in 1978 at Stanford Hospital and spent my first eighteen years in a single house at the end of a cul-de-sac in Palo Alto,’ Franco writes in his introduction.” From Kelly, “Sure, but, maybe everyone doesn’t need to write a memoir? Especially when they are still so young and haven’t had a lot of time to reflect on their experiences, and probably don’t have very much to share about them? I definitely understand the desire to put together a book about yourself and then have people give you money for it, but, ah, well, no OK I guess I do just understand that desire. I want $$$$! ” In any case, congratulations to James Franco on his big day. One big day of so many big days that you have to wonder when the big days stop being so special. Speaking of special big days, how was yours? I hope it was great! <3