The Way We Daddy Warbucks Now: Justin Timberlake?!

By a show of hands, who is actually pretty excited that Quvenzhané Wallis is taking over the lead in the Jay-Z/Will Smith reboot of Annie? Everyone? Are you raising your hand? HELLO? Everyone who isn’t raising their hand is a liar and/or walks this Earth without a heart. “Ugh, it’s going to suck when my family drags me to see this adorable movie when I’m home over Christmas or whenever.” – Liars. There’s a BIG RUMOR going around (around this one source) that Jay-Z’s new best buddy Justin Timberlake, so sorry Kanye, is going to be playing DADDY WARBUCKS! Not your daddy’s Daddy Warbucks! That’s for sure! From the NY Post:

Justin Timberlake could team with Jay-Z yet again. Hollywood sources are buzzing that JT’s being considered to star as Daddy Warbucks, opposite Quvenzhané Wallis, in the upcoming Jay-Z and Will Smith-produced remake of “Annie.” JT, who has the single “Suit & Tie” with Jay, and an impending tour, has been honing his acting chops with roles in the Coen Brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” and the Ben Affleck film “Runner, Runner.” But a rep for Sony said of JT’s role, “Not true.”

Butt out, Sony rep! We’re going to believe whatever baseless, stupid rumor about the Annie reboot we want, because THIS IS THE INTERNET AND THE NEW YORK POST! What a disappointing thing it would be if Justin Timberlake were given that role, though, which he certainly will not be, but let’s entertain it while we can. Yuck. Does not sit right with me, no thank you. The idea of Daddy Warbucks is “yuck” already, we don’t need to yuck it up anymore. WHY NOT JAY-Z?!! Because he isn’t an actor? Fine. WHY NOT BEYONCÉ, THEN!? Mommy Warbucks. Beyoncé as Mommy Warbucks or bust, for real. (“Bust” = Still going to see it, though.)