Phew! We Made It To The End Of The Day, Together!

OH THANK GOD! We’ve had an exhausting day here together, and now it’s time to go home and kiss our loved ones and make dinner and breathe. And for a lucky one of you, maybe it’s also the time to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico and buy Jesse’s car from Breaking Bad? Treat yo’self! RIGHT?! Hahah ahhhh, treat yo’self to this car, please! From TMZ:

The car’s currently on display at Mike Faris Auto Wholesale in Albuquerque, New Mexico — near where “Breaking Bad” was shot — and there’s a sign on the windshield that reads, “Jesse’s car as seen on ‘Breaking Bad’ … Make offer.”

Faris tells us, the car was originally leased from him by production … but now that the show’s over, they’ve returned it … so he’s putting it up for sale.

Faris tells TMZ, he’s under strict orders from Sony Pictures Television NOT to sell the car until the final BB episode airs this summer … but people are already making offers. Unfortunately, Farris says he’s unable to consider any offer until Sony’s deadline has passed.

THEN WHY TEMPT US, MIKE?! How dare you! At the end of our day! But we can at least all IMAGINE how much we’re going to bid on Jesse’s car, and how many cool points we’re going to get when we drive it past our old high schools. Right? “Oh man, is that…Is that Jesse’s car from Breaking Bad? And is that…No, it couldn’t be. Is that [your name] driving it?! I AWLAYS KNEW THEY WERE A LOT COOLER THAN I WAS! I WISH I HADN’T RUINED OUR RELATIONSHIP, I’D REALLY LIKE TO BE FRIENDS NOW!” Hahah. A blog can dream. Ah, what a dream. So anyway, thank god! Cross Monday off your list of days you had to accomplish! Are you doing anything fun tonight? What book are you reading? Finished a television series lately? Looking forward to Gabe’s return tomorrow as much as I am? Tell me.