This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Oh, boy. Another Girls episode, another week of wanting to throw my computer in the garbage. I don’t even want to say anything about it. Do I even have to? Should we even be considering it a comedy?! WAS IT RAPE OR RAPE-RAPE? Generally I do like Girls and I wish I could watch it in a vacuum, but it’s hard to keep my feelings up about a thing I have to read (ok — see in my reader and scroll past) 500 awful think pieces about every week, and a thing so touted (on the Internet) as realistic that consistently uses weird unrealistic sitcom tropes. Is it real because Marnie got boned by her ex after she sang the Kanye song in front of his employees? Man oh man that scene! You can be my “white Kate Moss” 2night netime, Marnie. Ugh. I don’t know. Did you like it? What did you think of the episode? I will say that it is something Lena Dunham should be proud of that she included Adam going #4 (that’s what it’s called, yes?) on his girlfriend and it wasn’t the most talked-about thing in the episode, because she has created an environment in which showing someone going #4 (yes?) isn’t especially out of the ordinary. I do mean that. Anyway, NEXT! Bob’s Burgers was great, as it is every single week. Billy Eichner, everybody! “I TELL EVERYONE ABOUT TOPSY.” Hahah. Ahh. Very good. Because it is the perfect child who doesn’t get any attention, we will now be moving on from Bob’s Burgers. Parks and Recreation was also great. Jenny Slate and Jason Schwartzman, everybody! Though I loved it as a human being, as a respected TV journalist with credentials upon request I thought the Aubrey Plaza “moment” didn’t make a whole lot of sense. It was a bit too sweet and a bit too sudden. But you can’t complain about everything for your whole life, so, Jenny Slate was great! BRING HER BACK! BRING HER BACK! FOR MORE EPS! FOR MORE EPS! Joe Mande was also great. Hahah. Let me just write up a quick list of everything I thought was great, thx. I did not see the failed pilot of The Farm, unfortunately, but I heard it was not so good. Did you watch it? What did you think? Are you still watching Community? I didn’t see that either. To be honest, last night I saw Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich do a DJ set at one fucking AM due to some obligation I felt to the Kelly that existed 10 years ago, so I wasn’t around to watch our shows. I am very sorry, both to you and myself, but sometimes these things happen. WHAT DID YOU THINK, THOUGH?!