Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Man, don’t you wish we could get Gabe back here to do the Afternoon Links? He did such a fun job yesterday! Almost too chill. Anyway, Mark Ruffalo — sweet, beautiful Mark Ruffalo — says there will not be a standalone Hulk movie until after Avengers 2. That’s ok! I don’t think there needs to be. But thank you for the update! -Paste
  • Matthew McConaughey was shirtless in Whole Foods one time, obv., and one man survived to tell the tale. Don’t faint b4 you read it, ladies! -FilmDrunk
  • IFC has ordered pilots from a bunch of different people we all love. -Deadline
  • Today we are featuring two ultra-specific movie supercuts that I hope make some of you weirdos out there feel less lonely. Here is the first, a supercut of movie auctions throughout film history! -Film
  • And here is the second: A supercut of people in TV and movies saying “Philadelphia.” “MY DREAM COME TRUE!” – You. -Philebrity
  • Tina Fey hates mommy blogs! Which makes sense, because remember when 30 Rock made fun of them? I hope she doesn’t hate curmudgeonly pop culture blogs, LOL! -Dlisted