Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • This picture of Robert Pattinson with fake rotten teeth only makes me wonder how many stone cold foxes we’ve all been passing up JUST BECAUSE their mouths look like scary garbage dumps. Time to rethink some stuff, ladies! -E!
  • In a recent interview, Courtney Stodden said she was like Marilyn Monroe because “we are both old souls and we’re having fun, and being glamorous and flirty, as well as deeply troubled and surrounded by people who don’t have our best interest at heart, plus we will almost certainly share sad, substance-related deaths that come before our time.” (Partly JK.) -Dlisted
  • “28 TV Shows Canceled After One Episode” -HyperVocal
  • Slate asks “Should Enlightened REALLY return for a third season?” and I say “ooooh shit” because I don’t watch it but I know you guys want Enlightened  to come back, right? What do you have to say about this? -Slate
  • Gabe here. I know this is a little outside of our normal purview, but I thought everyone would be interested to read this thought-provoking article from the New York Times: “For Good or Ill, Chávez Altered How Venezuela Views Itself.” #HC4EVA