The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Do you guys ever try to make funny animal videos? I’m mostly asking because I have to think of something to say in this preamble before we get to the actual animal video meat of the post, but I’m also wondering WHO IS MAKING ALL THESE ANIMAL VIDEOS? People who love watching animal videos and want to make their own (you guys, maybe)? People who just happen to think their pet is funny and know the Internet is a good place for stuff like that? People who just catch a one-off funny moment? A combination of those, and probably a few other things? Probably! But are any of them you? Please feel free to share any homemade animal videos with the rest of the class if you happen to have any on the ‘net. I’d be interested to see what your pet is like. (Jumpy? Lazy? Suspicious? THE WORST?) Until then, LET’S CHECK OUT THESE ANIMAL VIDEOS FROM STRANGEEERRRSSS!

[Ed. note: I know it is cold comfort at a time like this, but I think we could all use a little light-hearted relief from the crippling sense of loss we feel over the death of Hugo Chavez. Enjoy!]

10. Baby And Puppy Play In A Way That Seems Dangerous!

9. Pygmy Goat VS Kitten

8. Kitten In A Vase

7. Cheeta Licks Photographer

6. Husky’s First Howl

5. Puppy Bath Time

4. Sweet Little Baby Orangutan Attack

3. Dog Walks Like A Human

2. Damn It Feels Good To Be This Guy

1. “Tongue Problem”

I don’t know, man — “tongue problem” just GOT ME! Love it. Really I think the videos in the top five today are all especially good. Number two was tipped to us by a man named Johnny, and probably someone is moving the dogs head I guess?, but also that dog looks chill as hell. I showed “dog walks like a human” to a friend last night as he was walking out of the apartment and he paused for a second and said, “Oh, I don’t like videos like that” and then left, which is very very funny to me. The moment in the orangutan video when the little sweetie comes over and sits on the guy’s lap and puts his arm around his leg — R U KIDDING ME? And, finally, puppy bath time is just classic. Obviously. CONGRATULATIONS TO US!