Does Jennifer Lawrence Wish She Were On Girls?

I’m sure it is incredibly difficult to be someone in the public eye whose thoughts, shared during interviews, sometimes get taken out of context or skewed by the writer. I’m sure it’s even hard just to have to say things to so many different people, and that along the way your mind probably gets lost in just trying to think of ANYTHING to say to whichever stranger is sitting across from you at that moment. It would be a nightmare for me, personally, and I know that I would not handle it well. That being said: LOOK AT THIS WEIRD THING ALLISON WILLIAMS SAID IN AN INTERVIEW WITH THE LA TIMES:

“When ‘Mean Girls’ came out, I just thought Lindsay Lohan was genius. I didn’t understand how I could ever come close to that if they didn’t let me start young,” she said. “I’ve come to realize it’s not a zero-sum game. When I see performances like Jennifer Lawrence’s in ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ I think, ‘God, what a great role.’ But maybe, just maybe, she watches ‘Girls’ and maybe, just maybe, she wishes she was on ‘Girls.'”

Maybe, just maybe, uhhhhhh I don’t think so, Allison Williams! YA BIG MARNIE! (Jennifer Lawrence = Marnie’s ex-boyfriend.) (Right?) (Let me know if no.) Girls is definitely fine. It’s very successful and not universally praised but certainly very well praised and I watch it every week, but I think you can safely assume that Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, most popular young lady in the world at the moment, star of both the Hunger Games franchise and whatever they’re currently doing with the X-Men franchise, is not somewhere wishing she were on Girls. EVEN IF she loves it, which she might! Maybe you could have used something else to explain your acting truism, Allison Williams! Maybe you don’t agree, though? Who even knows what’s going on inside that PERFECT HEAD! Plz let me know in our poll.

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