Jason Woliner’s Je Shirt Appears On The Simpsons* *(Possibly)

Admittedly, this is some inside baseball shit right here, but if you’re going to pay any attention to what is happening in the worlds of comedy and television then you might as well pay actual attention! Right? I don’t even know anymore. There either aren’t enough hours in the day or there are too many hours in the day, and I am very bad at math. But, so, if you haven’t been following the sad story of Jason Woliner’s fashion enterprise, Je Shirt, you should follow it, because it is a tragic cautionary tale to anyone who thinks hopping into the novelty t-shirt industry is a piece of cake. He spent all of the money he earned being a beloved comedy director into making those Che Guevara shirts but with Jay Leno’s face on them, and it landed him in a halfway home for aging gentlemen. (None of this is true! It is all to have some fun because life is short. Argh, sorry, I know I just gave away “the bit” but you guys, I don’t like lying it really makes my eczema act up!) Anyway, you should just go read the Je Shirt blog because it is one of the funniest things around, and I don’t think Je Shirt is currently producing any of their Che Leno or religious themed shirts, but maybe you can back order one and help dig Jason out of his horrible debt. Either way, a character on The Simpsons last night was wearing a Je tank-top, which is pretty neat*. I guess it really was all totally worth it, just like Amistad says. (Via Jason Woliner.)

*Full disclosure: I actually have no idea whether or not Jason Woliner’s Je Shirt appeared on an episode of The Simpsons. I certainly didn’t actually watch the show. WHO HAS THE TIME? That cartoon lost me around, oh, I don’t know, season 17? That’s enough seasons, right? And now it is in season 24? No thanks! But so, by all accounts this appearance on The Simpsons could be just as much of a gag hoax as everything else about Je Shirt** and guess what? I DON’T CARE! Je Shirt is my favorite. Any opportunity to talk more about Je Shirt and promote what they are doing as a company is what I call a “good opportunity.”
**[UPDATE]: According to sources within the Je Shirt organization, this actually did happen.