This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Before I start, let me say that I didn’t get a chance to watch a lot of comedy this week. There wasn’t even a lot of comedy ON this week (Community was our only Must See TV show, Bob’s Burgers didn’t have a new episode, etc. I’m sure), but even the comedy that was on was, for the most part, comedy that I missed. “All Apologies” – Nirvana. But I did see New Girl and Girls and Billy on the Street! One thing that I don’t want to admit but WILL is that, at first, I really did not like Billy on the Street. I’m very sensitive and, the first few times I saw it, it only made me uncomfortable and sad. Hahah. BUT I LOVE IT NOW! What a turnaround I made! It’s very charming! This week’s episode featured Pink who, with Billy, played “Pink, Meryl Streep, or Who Cares” and it was great, obviously. Show’s great. If it made you sad and uncomfortable when you watched it the first time, you should watch it again! (VERY GOOD pull-quote if BOTS ever needs one.) On New Girl, Nick and Schmidt celebrated their tenth year of living together in an episode that featured a lot of great Zooey Deschanel reaction shots. The scene where Jax, or whatever the football player was called, proposed to her onstage — and her reaction to it — was a dream. IS CECE REALLY GOING TO MARRY THAT GUY?! NOOOOO, CECE! (Last night some friends and I had a conversation about which New Girl characters we were, obviously, and I INSISTED that I was Cece, because that is a pretty good joke to make when you’re trying to figure out which New Girl characters you and your friends are. FYI.) CECE, NOOOOOO! It was a good ep., though. Doy. New Girl is great. Girls, on the other hand, wasn’t great. But it WAS fine. (And I did love when Jessa’s dad told her that he can’t depend on her, either, and she pointed out that she was the child and he shouldn’t have to. That was very good.) Jessa is my favorite character, though, and now she’s going to be AWAY? Where did she go?! JESSA, NOOOOOOO! Television’s most heartbreaking goodbye note since the last one (when Burger left Carrie). I do think Hannah’s mom’s reaction was a bit too extreme at the end — it was played for comedy but didn’t come of “funny” as much as it did sad and weird. Is her relationship with her parents that bad? Jesus! Work it out, dudes! WHAT DID YOU THINK OF COMEDY THIS WEEK?