That’s Your Boyfriend: Guy Whose Girlfriends Are 15 Inflatable Pool Animals

Rich Juzwiak posted this clip over on Gawker more than a week ago, so it’s basically ancient herstory that has almost been lost to the ravaging sands of time. But Gawker has this very Internet-unfriendly policy of posting all of their clips in a non-embeddable player so that you have to go to their site to watch it. I totally get it! Look, this is not a post about Gawker’s business model or whatever. I honestly could not care less. I just checked and oh, yup, we are all still going to die one day. Embed your videos however you want everyone! Or don’t embed any videos whatsoever. The point is, the network that originally aired this clip, TLC, has finally uploaded it to YouTube, and it is such a great clip, and also you know what they say about those who don’t know their My Strange Addiction ancient herstory being double dog doomed to repeat it. (That is a saying, yes?) Anyway, there is this guy who is “in a relationship” with 15 inflatable pool animals, whatever that even means, and he kisses them and eats Spaghetti-O’s with them, and he is your boyfriend, so I guess he is in a relationship with 16 inflatable pool animals.

My favorite part is when they interview his friend who is like, “When I first found out about Mark’s inflatables I thought that’s strange,” and then they just cut away and that is all he says, no “but then”s, the end, he still def thinks that about Mark 100%. OH MARK, GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR TOYS, PLEASE BE CAREFUL KISSING THEM AROUND THE SEAMS BECAUSE THOSE SEAMS CAN BE VERY SHARP AND THEY MIGHT CUT YOUR PRECIOUS LIPS!!! #Love #SwimmingPools #KendrickLamar