Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • What Do James Franco’s Doodles Tell Us About Him? -DETAILS
  • Manolo Blahnik Unclear On Who Anne Hathaway Is -NYMag
  • Ethan Hawke shares some choice words about The Oscars -Dlisted
  • The Lone Ranger’s “fake saddle” nearly killed Johnny Depp -Celebuzz
  • James Van Der Beek to return with new pilot for CBS -Deadline
  • Aubrey Plaza let Kathy Griffin pierce her ear on live TV -BuzzFeed
  • The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie Charts -Vulture
  • Funny Or Die’s new issue of The Occasional is here! -iTunes
  • Shonda Rhimes talks about why “Calling a show a ‘guilty pleasure’ is like saying it’s a piece of crap” -Salon
  • Justin Timberlake will appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a full week, from March 11-15 -OhNoTheyDidn’t
  • It’s a no-brainer that you should watch this supercut of people saying “It’s a no-brainer.” -Slacktory
  • Daddy & daughter singing “Mahna Mahna” from The Muppets is pretty much the cutest thing ever -BlameItOnTheVoices
  • Anthony Jeselnik: His New Show, His Stint With Jimmy Fallon, and Trying to Hit a Home Run Every Time -Grantland