The 2013 Academy Awards Videogum Video Pizza Party

Finally! Finally, finally, finally. It’s like, you hear about these famous movie stars all the time and you’re always wondering, “When am I gonna get to see these guys win an award for something?” And then you wonder a little more specifically, “Who are they going to be wearing?” And the answer is RIGHT NOW! (PLUS, LIKE, A MILLION OTHER TIMES!) AND ALSO, I’M NOT SURE! SOMETHING FANCY, I BET! HOORAY! Our host tonight is Seth MacFarlane, which doesn’t sound great, but remember when he was totally decent on Saturday Night Live? So. Maybe it won’t be awful! Here’s hoping! There’s not a lot of hope, but here’s hoping! How soon in the night do you have him doing Stewie voice in your office Stewie Voice Pool? I have 14 seconds into his opening speech. Good luck in that and in your Official Videogum Oscar Pool! Hang out with us here in the comments tonight, and also hang out with us on Twitter! GOOD LUCK 2 OUR FAVES!