Oh Man, SyFy’s Stranded Looks Great!

Have you ever watched the television show Long Island Medium? They’ve parodied it on Saturday Night Live and it makes sense to me if you are more aware of that sketch than the actual show, since I just watched the actual show for the second time a week or two ago and still had to google “new jersey ghost psychic TV” (which obviously isn’t even correct) to figure out what it was called. It’s on TLC. DO YOU WATCH IT? It is ridiculous. The Long Island Medium spends most of the show approaching strangers and telling them, like, “someone you care about is going to die soon, and also you’re going to cheat on your girlfriend but she’s actually the love of your life so that’s going to be devastating.” But then sometimes she does ghost investigations for seemingly no reason and brings along her whole family and YELLS at the ghosts to appear for her on her cameras, and I think they never do? I’ve only seen two episodes but so far they’ve recorded evidence of 0 ghosts. In any case, it is a fairly lighthearted version of the sweeping trend of television shows in which cast members try to videotape ghosts. The least lighthearted and most actually scary of this trend was one of the first shows to do this, MTV’s Fear (which placed a bunch of people in supposedly haunted locations for a few days with handheld cameras and just let them kind of freak themselves out) and great news, SYFY IS GOING TO DO THAT SHOW AGAIN! AND IT LOOKS JUST AS GOOD! I’M BEING SINCERE!

UGH THAT LOOKS SO GOOD I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THESE PEOPLE BE SO SCARED AND GET SCARED WITH THEM EVEN THOUGH GHOSTS DON’T EXIST (RIGHT?) (RIGHT?!) AND I AM AT HOME AND NOT IN A HAUNTED INSANE ASYLUM, OR WHEREVER, PUTTING AWAY PLATES! On Fear they had challenges they had to do, like go into rooms where they used to do horrific surgeries and strap themselves into the gurneys and just lie there, or go to where a person hanged themselves and put a noose around your neck and film yourself saying things like “oooh my god, oh my god, oh no, ahh, ohh no,” which were so fun and terrifying to watch, and I’m not sure that is an element of SyFy’s Stranded, but we’ll just have to TUNE IN AND FIND OUT! Do you like shows like this? Are you with me? Is anyone with me? Am I alone? Oooh no. Ooooh my god. (Via ONTD.)