You Can Do It! I Think!

Listen. You’re going to face some hardships in your life and there are going to be moments when you feel like you should just give up. You’re going to feel like you should just keep doing pushups with two hands, and that’s if you’re going to continue doing pushups at all. Maybe you will just stop doing pushups altogether? That’ll sound pretty good to you! “Who do I think I am, Gwen Stefani?” you’ll say to yourself. “In a sports bra on stage 100 years ago doing one-armed pushups and then now here, 100 years later, looking exactly the same like some kind of beautiful pop-ska vampire? No way, that’s not me.” But it’s going to be in times like these when it will be most important to keep going. To remember that you can do it. Or you’ll find that what you’ve been working towards, ultimately, is a lie. Just like a lot of things! So. Good luck! (Via DailyPicks.)