Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Elle Fanning models haute bakery toppings, like these eyeshadow sprinkles. Elle! That’s dangerous for your eyes! -NYMag
  • Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up on Letterman: amazing as always. -TheLateShow
  • “The only Harlem Shake video worth watching” -GregRutter
  • Drunk Pawnee: A Parks And Recreation Supercut -Slacktory
  • 10 Weird Words We Learned From TV This Week -TheWeek
  • People Posing With George Clooney’s Wax Figure -CityRag
  • Peter Dinklage Joins Cast Of X-Men: Days Of Futures Past -FilmDrunk
  • Ronnie “Christopher” Walken’s High School Yearbook Photo -BuzzFeed
  • Photographer Recreates Red Carpet Photos With Kids -OhNoTheyDidn’t
  • Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Answer Your Love Questions -AVClub
  • Maggie Smith tells 60 Minutes why she doesn’t watch Downtown Abbey -PopWatch
  • James Franco talks about his art show, “Gay Town,” on Jimmy Kimmel Live -EOnline
  • All Of The Steve Higgins Poop Talk That Didn’t Make It Into Downton Sixbey -LateNightJimmy