“Our Wedding Song” Is Just So Nice

I know it isn’t Valentine’s Day yet, and I’m sure you’re not even wearing the lighted heart broach you bought to wear to the office (though you should be, because you might as well get a few days of use out of that thing + it is great) but this video from cdza, featuring four couples from New York City’s Brookdale Senior Living center sharing the stories of their love with the sounds of their wedding songs, was just TOO SWEET TO RESIST! Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel of pain! Maybe we can find love and happiness forever! Maybe when we’re old we’ll be in a m00nEYEVid (future form of video that plays across our eyeballs when we live on the moon) talking about the love of our lives! “I knew I would love him for the rest of my life when I saw that he was the first person on my feed to make a tweet about Marco Rubio’s water bottle. I just knew he’d keep me informed about little nothings the fastest forever.” – You, in the future? (Via LaughingSquid.)