Is This Herbal Tea Commercial Too Scary Or Just Scary Enough?

You wake up in a dark, wooded, very spooky area. How did you get here? What’s the last thing you remember? You think back — you were driving to meet a friend on a twisty, turn-y stretch of unlighted road in a bit of light rain. You had only ever been on this road in the daytime and never really realized how unsafe it was, and if you had realized that you would have asked your friend to meet elsewhere, and you were feeling a little resentful that your friend KNEW the conditions were going to be like this and STILL asked you to come meet her. What a bitch, seriously. But that is just like her. Can’t expect her to ever think of anyone else! Have to accept her for who she is! A BITCH! So you were driving along this road, and then what happened? You try to remember… You saw something off in the distance. A figure, but not quite human. Not an animal, though — no. Not quite. Yes, it’s coming back to you now. Just as the memories flood into your mind — the screaming, the wreck, the blood (yours? you can’t remember now) — you hear something approaching you. You try to move and realize you can’t, you’re chained to something nearby. The footsteps are getting closer and you can hear whomever or whatever it is breathing heavily, and you’re not sure if you should scream or remain quiet, but you’re positive that it must be able to hear your racing heart beating through your chest. This is the end, you’re sure of it. You have never felt more frightened and alone. Why you? Why now? WHY NOT HAVE A CUP OF NICE HOT HERBAL TEA!


PS: Too scary or not scary enough, do you think?