This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Wow, what a week! DID YOU CRY? Press 1 if you cried. R U pressing 1? I’m going to be less hard on you if you cried than I expected to be because I’m going to admit that I almost cried, but then I also almost cried during a Subaru commercial where a little girl was going to school for the first time and looked nervous and I was actually much closer during that one, so I’m not sure that I’m an appropriate yardstick. I thought 30 Rock’s final two episodes were enjoyable and very well done. (I hope you did not play along with our drinking game.) Kenneth’s “TV No-No Words” were a very funny final shot at NBC. Liz’s honest goodbye to Tracy was great. There was a nice balance of sweetness and sadness and humor, and it made me feel like I will actually miss the show! Which sounds like a dig, but I don’t mean it as one, except I guess I kind of do because if the show had ended last season I don’t think I would be thinking the same thing! Overall, and I believe this is generally recognized as truth with you guys as well, I think the final season was a strong one, and I’m happy we got to enjoy it together. PLZ leave your memorial GIFs in the comments. Moving on to shows that are not doing so great in their final seasons: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH JIM? His being a thoughtless, asshole slob all of a sudden and the boom-op being so handsome and in love with Pam seems incredibly, transparently forced. “We need to have a strong Jim and Pam end, but we’ve made their characters and relationship too stable to do anything drastic. Sooo ahhh uuhhh, I guess we can just act like we haven’t?” It’s a bad move to completely alter the personality of one of the main characters in the final season, especially if you’re moving him from most reasonable and likable to most out of touch and worst, and I really can’t see it paying off in the end. YOU’RE RUUUINING IT! JUST MARRY THE BOOM OP, PAM! I CAN’T SPEAK FOR HIS CAREER CHOICES, BUT I CAN SPEAK FOR HIS FACE! (Erin continues to be wonderful.) Oh, so, speaking of “you’re ruining it” (all of these segues are very smooth, I am really getting the hang of this week in comedy post), DO YOU THINK NEW GIRL IS RUINED NOW?! AHHHHH NOOOOO KISSSSSS! (Let’s take a jump! OFF OF A CLIFF!)

I think it’s fine, actually! TRICK’D YA. New Girl has been building Nick and Jess’s relationship for its entire life, and this season especially has spent a lot of time showing how much they care about each other. If they hadn’t gotten together soon it would have felt a bit dishonest — like they were holding onto the tension only for tension’s sake. So. NEW GIRL CONTINUES TO BE TELEVISION’S MOST PERFECT SITCOM! What else. I didn’t watch The Mindy Project this week but I do know that B.J. Novak was on it and I am sure that it was garbage, not that one of those things has to do with the other. There are currently two episodes of Girls available to watch on HBO GO and obviously I watched both of them back-to-back and not-so-obviously (based on how this season has been going so far) I really did not like either of them very much. (Though I did like the second, more Jessa-focused episode much more than the first. But I won’t talk about it.) “Jazzhate” was an oddly lazy, commentary-free excuse for an I GUESS Vice parody, and it paired well with the oddly lazy, commentary-free portrayal of Hannah’s relationship to both the blog and what she had been assigned to write for them. I guess we’re supposed to think Jazzhate is stupid because of the stupid shit they have on the wall of their lobby, but what does Hannah think? Nothing? She seemed more than fine with the assignment (and Girls itself seemed more than fine portraying cocaine as a harmless blast, the only downfall of which is that maybe you’ll find out a secret you’d rather not know), and I get that she is still FIGURING IT OUT or whatever, but it doesn’t seem like something her character would have let go on without comment. Also: Marnie’s relationship with that asshole — Is she supposed to know that he is bullshit and not care or is she not supposed to know and have fallen under his torture-art spell? We got a sense of each of those possibilities (falling into his arms and telling him he’s brilliant, laughing when he tells her to look at the doll), and it only served to add to the overall murkiness of the episode. It seemed like it had no idea about what it wanted to say about anything. BUT I GUESS THAT’S JUST BEING IN YOUR 20S! #GENIUS. Bob’s Burgers was wonderful. Gene as Little Bob was wonderful. Tina as a news reporter was wonderful. “Ghost Bouncers” on Kroll Show was very, very good. NOW YOU TALK!