Is This Fun?: Imagining TV Show Ice Cream Flavors!

You may know that this Thursday night brings with it the final episode of the beloved television series 30 Rock. It’s going to be ok! PLEASE STOP CRYING, YOU ARE MAKING A SCENE. I promise that although the pain may never fully go away, you will soon be able to work through the loss of this TV show that has been good this season but before that was not good for a bunch of seasons if we’re being honest with ourselves, which I think we should be, and carry on with your day-to-day. To help ease your pain, Ben & Jerrys is creating a 30 Rock ice cream flavor, in memoriam. Ok? Can you pull it together enough to read the blurb about it? From The Hollywood Reporter:

In honor of the 30 Rock series finale, Ben & Jerry’s is set to debut a new flavor inspired by the NBC comedy.

The company is selling tickets to a finale viewing party — during which the new flavor will be unveiled — set to take place Thursday night at Latitude Bar & Lounge in New York.

“What’s the flavor, you ask?! Well, you’ll just have to join us to find out … our lips — and our pints — are sealed until the finale,” the announcement reads.

WHAT’S THE FLAVOR? Bloggers across the ‘net have furiously been emailing their friends who have Photoshop to draft up their guesses, I’m sure. (“Uhh, ok, so can you have it look like a Ben & Jerrys pint, but have Liz Lemon on it, and have it be like…Lizard Lemonade With Jack Donuts-aghy? Like, that’s the name of it. And then under that write the description, ‘Lemonade flavor with toffee lizards and donuts.’ And can you have it to me pretty soon?”) And you can do that in the comments, too, if you want! It’s a free country, do whatever. But do you think it would also be fun to imagine other Ben & Jerrys TV show ice cream flavors? In better ways than other blogs do it, because I’m sure they have and will continue to? Let’s try:

  • Parenthood: Salty tear taste and frozen skittles that break your teeth.
  • Girls: Cocaine and bath water.
  • Top Chef: Half-cooked risotto and little knives.
  • The Wire: Flavor that I’m definitely sure is very good but won’t be trying for a while because who has the time.
  • Ben & Kate: Ice cream that you keep in the freezer for a rainy day because you know it’s good but you never REALLY want it and then all of a sudden it’s not there anymore and you’re like, dangit! I was going to eat that!
  • Bob’s Burgers: Consistently very good ice cream sandwich with bunny ears.
  • Nashville: Wasabi and chocolate and peanut butter and jalapenos, and you keep trying to explain to your friends that it’s actually not that bad and they’re always like, “No way. Gross.”

Ok, now you try! Try and see if it’s fun!