The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I always talk about the weather here, at the beginning of The Petting Zoo, and I think that is because what else am I supposed to talk about? If I had it my way I’d just copy and paste “ANIMAL VIDEOS” over and over and over for a longer-than-reasonable amount of time and then we’d get to the jump and we can finally watch all of the wonderful animal videos that I’ve been putting aside throughout the week. But that’s not the way the world works, so here we are, talking about how it was ELEVEN DEGREES THIS MORNING IN BROOKLYN, NY, WHERE I LIVE. Ahhhhh! Listen, if it is that cold where you are and you are at work right now and you can’t watch these animal videos right away here is what I want you to do: On your way home, buy hot toddy ingredients. When you get home, make yourself a hot toddy and put on casual clothing and wear a winter hat indoors and watch these animal videos until you are warm inside and out. And then dig a hole in the ground and get a friend to cover you up with dirt and sleep there until next Wednesday, ok goodbye! Animal videos!

10. Cat Washes And Dries Face

9. Cat In Snow

8. Distracted Meerkat

7. Puppies Love Slippers

6. Hedgehog Getting Dry

5. Slow-Mo Floppy Tongue

4. Hamster Eating A Pretzel Stick

3. Dog “Drives” Tractor

2. Girls Play With Fennec Fox In The Desert

1. Howling Mouse

I included two videos of the Howling Mouse today because I never knew it even existed before and it is possibly my new favorite animal. (Thanks for the LIFE-CHANGING tip, Alissa!) The only thing holding me back is the idea of responding with “Howling Mouse” and then having to explain it after someone asks me what my favorite animal is (like, on a date? or in a magazine interview.) and having it seem far too precious. “A tiny, tough mouse that howls at the moon!” Really if someone asked me what my favorite animal was in a magazine interview I would probably say “dog” because I think that is funny and it is also pretty much true. But I’d be very close to saying “howling mouse.” Anyway. What other questions do you have for me? “Girls Play With Fennec Fox In The Desert” is the best art film I have ever seen. “Dog ‘Drives’ Tractor” is hilarious and very sweet. The rest are just cute. CONGRATS EVERYBODY!