Say XOXO To The Cast Of Gossip Girl: Acapulco

All of our old friends — Sofía López-Haro (Serena), Bárbara Fuenmayor (Blair), Daniel Parra (Dan), Nico de la Vega (Nate), and Max Zaga (Chuck), Vanessa García (Vanessa), Jenny Parra (Jenny), — back again with slightly different faces and very different surroundings and a different language! It almost feels like the entirety of Gossip Girl: New York could’ve been shot in a language I didn’t really understand and it wouldn’t have made a big difference. Beautiful people, fancy parties, pained faces? I GET IT! GIVE ME MORE OF IT! I hope this, if nothing else, allows us to rest a little easier knowing that somewhere in the world someone is getting to experience the joy of Gossip Girl, even if we are not. The world continues to spin. XOXO, Daniel Parra. (Via Vulture.)