Let’s All Watch Kroll Show Tonight

Tonight, at 10:30PM EST, on the Comedy Central network, Nick Kroll’s new show, Kroll Show, premieres, and I really think that we should all watch it. Not just in general, either. I don’t mean, like, hey, let’s all check this show out if/when we have the chance but have fun at your “molasses making seminar.” I mean everyone should plan on watching it tonight when it actually airs because, although the future of entertainment is obviously just going to be Fred providing you with an adenoidal personally-tailored advertisement based on your latest web search for “Canadian prescription medication discount codes” downloaded directly to your even smarter phone, for now we still live in the age of dinosaurs where television ratings are a thing some dinosaur in some dino-cave cares about, and in order for there to be a second season of the show, we must first prove to them that the first season was a success. And here’s the thing: you can still do whatever you want, man! This is OUR AMERICA. Which we took from THE BRITISH EMPIRE. Because KINGS SUCK. There is no way for me to force you to do this, and I wouldn’t want to anyways. There’s also no way for me to know one way or the other. You could say, “I did it,” and I would say, “cool,” and the truth could be that you didn’t do it, and that’s the end of that great story. (To hear a longer version, listen to this week’s episode of “The Moth” on NPR.) But the reason I am asking you to watch Kroll Show tonight is not just because it is the work of so many Videogum Fan Favorites, including Nick Kroll, yes, but also Jenny Slate, Joe Mande, Gabe Liedman, John Mulaney, and Jon Daly. That too! But the main reason I am asking you to watch Kroll Show is because it is very good and very funny. The world should be filled with more very good and very funny things! Even just the opening credits are good. And every preview clip that has been released so far, all of which have been collected after the jump for safe-keeping and also to help me rest my case, is the best. You will see, if you haven’t already seen, in which case you will see again:

Rich Dicks – Car Trouble

Oh, Hello – Too Much Tuna

Bobby Bottleservice – Video Chat

PubLIZity – Pitching A New Client

Overheard On The Court

Chick Fil-A vs. Chikk Klub

Dr. Armond Is Here For You

Guys, I don’t ever ask you to watch anything because I’m nihilistic and I don’t care what you do as long as you are not hurting each other. And I’m not even going to be mad if you don’t do this one request because we didn’t really “do” anger in my family and it’s an emotion that I have such a hard time expressing that I am not even sure if I know how to feel it in the first place. But I do think we are a family, and I do think a family takes care of its house, and I do think this show is in our house. Love, Gabe.