Early Afternoon Baby Dance Break!

No one is here to judge you. We all understand that sometimes, especially on Mondays, and even more especially on Mondays after the stupid Golden Globes (when did they end last night? 3AM?) (seriously, I am often jealous about a number of things people who live on the west coast get to experience that I do not, but the fact that award shows there end at a reasonable hour, and then afterwards you get to go and like make dinner or talk to a friend or watch something enjoyable on television or read a book before passing out — that is something I will NEVER get over), you need an extra little break. Just a few minutes to gather yourself, take a breath, decide on what you’re going to have for lunch later, think about what you have going on this week, wonder if you’re forgetting anything important, check your Facebook events, check out some other stuff on Facebook, wonder what’s going on on Twitter, check out Instagram on your phone, and dance with this incredible, tiny little baby. So take it! YOU DESERVE IT!

I LOVE THIS BABY. #fiddlefaddle (Via BlameItOn.)