The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

One thing I like to do with The Petting Zoo is not only deliver the best animal videos the Internet had to offer in the past week, but also deliver the most exciting news of the animal entertainment world. It’s a goal I set for myself and I surpass it ever single week, no matter how high I put the bar. This preamble before the videos is always very exciting and worthwhile and NEVER seems like a weird stream of consciousness that nobody particularly wants or needs, and that is because I am very good at my job, and also because there is always a bit of exciting animal news to report. This week the news is about the Puppy Bowl! Yay! Here it is: This year, hedgehogs are going to be in the puppy bowl, too! Not just puppies and kittens! That is a wonderful treat and I cannot wait to ask to watch it in a way that quickly becomes annoying to everyone around me who does not want to watch it. Anyway, let’s get to these videos!

10. Turkey Cat

9. Puppy Pile

8. Dubstep Bird

7. Lions Play With Christmas Tree

6. A Close Encounter With A Polar Bear

5. Chow Chow Puppies

4. Dog Strike

3. Excited Penguin

2. Cat Grabs Hand To Be Petted

1. Wolverine Rescues Man Trapped By Avalanche

WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, you really did it, buddy. You sweet thing. I’m so sorry that these men were only testing you, and I’m also sorry that you couldn’t eat him at the end of it which is maybe what you wanted to do? No judging. I don’t know your life, but I do know that you are great and adorable. SO ARE YOU CAT WHO WANTS TO BE PETTED! I don’t normally like cats because they are rude and not fun, but you seem great. Excited penguin is obviously just very silly and adorable, and the chow chow puppies are literally just puppies playing around doing nothing. Good job, guys! Bowling dog is very impressive. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS AND TO US ALL!