Steven Seagal Owns A Bulletproof Kimono

Steven Seagal Owns A Bulletproof Kimono

Steven Seagal owns a bulletproof kimono. There’s a company in Colombia that makes bulletproof clothing (there was an article about them in the New Yorker and also a video about them on Vice TV) and they make custom bulletproof clothing and one of the custom pieces they made was a bulletproof kimono. For Steven Seagal. From FilmDrunk:

Lest anyone question whether these garments will be the real deal, the company’s head of research and development threw out some high-profile customers to back up its safety claims.

“Three royal families in the Middle East are customers of ours. We made a bullet-proof kimono for the American actor Steven Seagal. Our experience is beyond question,” she explained.

I guess the point is that the world is really big and there’s lots of stuff going on in it all the time, you know? Some of it you can kind of count on, and some of it is very unexpected. Hahaha. It’s cool to think about. What a place! We’re all on this bulletproof Spaceship Earth together. #kimono

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